Dog Weight Vests – The ultimate Guide

Well, just like any product, you need to be careful when selecting and weighted dog vest. Believe it or not, there are lots of options available when it comes to purchasing one.

Request your veterinarian for advice if you are somewhat apprehensive about what is best for the furry friend.

It’s best to wait until your dog is at least 2 years old prior to adding a weighted vest to your own regular walking or exercise routine. Here are a few facts to consider when choosing the best vest for the dog:

Make sure you get a vest that can be fixed to satisfy the size and weight of your dog. Use a tape measure and get an expression of your dogs girth around the upper torso region. The vest should not only fit but be comfortable and allow for a complete range of movement of your dogs front legs. No breed should be put on the dogs spine nor mid section and the vest must not pull at any parts of the body.

Consider buying enough weight that’ll challenge but not injure your dog. Ideally, you should start with weights that equivalent 10-20% of your dogs entire body weight. (i.e..- The weights in the vest should be equally distributed around the body of the dog. Raise the weight gradually as your dog grows in size, stamina and strength.

An excellent weighted vest will be made of padded material and should provide maximum comfort for your own dog. Good padding should wrap around much of the dogs torso while prolonging enough weight for maximum physical and therapeutic impact.

Padding or not, your dog may resist the vest initially but it’s going to grow to feel more comfortable with time. Be sure that the weights themselves are not making uncomfortable contact with the dogs body.

A vest that is lined with many smaller weights will give you more flexibility and range of movement. Consider buying weights that have padding around them also.

Try to find a vest that has multiple regions to add or remove weight. These pocket or slots should be equally distributed along the sides, top and sometimes bottom of the weighted dog vest.

Whatever vest you decide to go with, always consider the safety and health of your dog first. A dog weight vest can be an excellent addition to your own daily exercise routine and your dogs overall health.